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New Ohio Home Relief Grant Offers Help to Delinquent Water/Sewer Customers

Last Monday, the state controlling board approved use of Ohio's remaining CARES act funding to help more small businesses, restaurants and non-profits, as well as making additional funding available to cover both housing/rental assistance and water and sewer bills for low-income residents. Those who have lost their jobs or experienced reduced income due to COVID-19 hardships may qualify. 

The new Home Relief Grant, which goes into effect on November 2nd, definitively allows retroactive payments to cover delinquent bills since April 1st for those who were financially impacted earlier this year.

Individuals must apply for this assistance through:

HARCATUS Tri-County Community Action Organization; 225 Fair Ave. NE; New Philadelphia, OH 44663; (740) 922-0933; www.harcatus.org

The program starts Nov. 2nd and as of right now it will end Dec. 31st, the end date of federal CARES Act funding.

For more information about the Home Relief Grant program and an income limits, please visit https://businesshelp.ohio.gov/.